Biography - Returning Back Pakistan

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Due to the pathetic situation in Kurrum Agency and also for “Madressah e Jaffaria Ein Para Chinar, Allama Abid Hussain al Hussaini called Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini for help. In respect for his teacher's orders and with the aim of improving situation in Para Chinar, Shaheed Quaid returned to Pakistan . Here, he immediately joined Madressah e Jaffaria and also started to take steps towards betterment of Kurrum Agency in general and Para Chinar in particular.

As a teacher, he tried to improve the syllabi of the Madressah while also encouraging students to adopt modern techniques to understand Islam with the strict following of Taqwa e Ilahee. Due to his efforts, not only did the atmosphere of Madressah improve but also the number of students increaseed in the madressah. Later, this Madressah become Pakistan 's best madressah with respect to educational standards.


Shaheed Quaid always remained in friendly relations with his students. He used to say that the best teacher is one who is the best friend of his student. He delivered lectures sitting on the floor with his students. He even used to visit his students at night in their rooms. One night during his routine visits, he found one student with a fever lying alone in his bed. He sat with the student so that the student would feel better.

Shaheed Quaid always advised his students to read Namaz e Shab, telling them, as this is the only way to get nearness to Allah. He loved his students so much that he distributed half of his Rs 1200/- salary between the top and needy students.

Due to Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini's pious character and knowledge, people of Peshawar started to call him for reading Majalis there. From 1977 he started delivering lectures in Imam Bargha Akhund Abad, Peshawar . He proved his character and knowledge there. Not only did he revolutionize the lives of shias there, but he also inclined thousands of sunnis towards shi'ism through his speeches.

Whenever Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini visited Peshawar , he never stayed at host's house; rather he always stayed at his cousin's small quarters in a railway station. He used bus or rickshaw to come to Imam Bargha and paid the fare from his pocket.

He was very strict for ladies separation and hijab in Majalis. When hosts didn't heed to his requests of arranging proper separation for women Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini stopped delivering lectures, which embarrassed hosts heavily, and they quickly arranged complete separation for ladies. After confirmation and satisfaction of the arrangements, Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini continued the delivery of the Majalis.

Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini took a keen interest in the affairs of youth. He organized different programs for their spiritual training. He, himself used to come every Friday night to Peshawar by bus and this continued for a long time, thus converting thousands of youths towards Imam Khomeni's (RA) movement of freedom with imperialism.

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